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Peter Saville Photo-fit

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Peter Saville Photo-fit
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The Peter Saville photo-fit

This exhibition, conceptualised and curated by art-management.com and :phunk studio,
showcase 100 portraits featuring 100 inspirational figures that have influenced and encouraged
100 well known Singaporean and international artists from multi-discipline artistic practices.

All 100 A4 portraits all framed and priced at a very affordable S$199.00 is available at
TCC – The Connoisseur Concerto. The exhibition is a unique chance to view work from such a
diverse range of artists and creative disciplines, with 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit
the non-profit Transmission: Project.

About the artwork

As elusive as the band members of New Order, Peter Saville was responsible for the
majority of their sleeve cover art and circa Factory Records era. The cryptic design,
the restrained typography and his unapologetic appropriation to the artist’s work
were his signature approach to graphic design.

As much as a fan of the band, I was also drawn to the design of the sleeves which eventually
led me to discovering the designer himself.And how do you pay homage to this person who
has played a major influence in you career? You pick 3 of his revered sleeves.

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