The third volume for this year's Design Film Festival 2015, brought to you by Anonymous. The new mix is made up of ten tracks and as always, inspired by the ten films. Checkout the mix here.
A Design Film Festival Soundtrack Vol.III

Currently wearing the hat of a consultant & creative director at ICE Inc.
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ICE Inc.

The Beautiful Universe of a Typomaniac.
Erik Spiekermann

Singled Out is an exhibition featuring vinyl artworks by Singapore artists, with proceeds to fund music education for disadvantaged youths. The interview here.
Singled Out

Singled Out - Daniel Koh

Truth well told, applies to anyone in the design industry.
via Creative Review
Good Advice II


“Trying to make advertising a career is a tricky game because you can accelerate pretty quickly early on but if you want to think about your lifespan in it, you have to be a bit more conservative, take your time to choose the right opportunity at the right time”.

“When people get promoted too quickly or take these big jobs they’re not ready for, they really tend to flame out. Especially being a creative person in management, if you’re not mature about it and still a bit naive, the things that make you a great creative person are not going to make you a great manager. So you’ll take this big important sounding job and then realize you actually have no power or responsibility and you’re not ready to deal with the politics of management.”

Mark Fitzloff, W+K Portland
Good Advice
A pleasure to be back selecting & compiling the mix for this year's Fest with Anonymous.
A Design Film Festival Soundtrack

A Design Film Festival Soundtrack

"Your wife knows the secrets."
The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears

An outrageously moist comedy.
When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism

When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism

Boom. A fucking wicked live set.
Peter van Hoesen: Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set