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SAIS Group

Keyyes is a digital luxury lifestyle club and marketplace for the modern seeker. Their curated and unparalleled network of partnerships with fine restaurants, wineries, fashion houses, art events and more, puts the brand at the frontier of elevated experiences. Designed as a secure, personal portal to the luxury world, the mobile app aggregates all the different facets of the luxury lifestyle into a single ecosystem that offers users access to rare and fine products, curated services, and specialist content.

As Consultant, I was tasked to develop secondary wordmarks as extensions to the brand language. These are crafted to work at any size — from the opening of a motion graphics piece, a social media endeavour to a discreet but memorable mark of the brand on an invitation card. Each wordmark utilises a typographic symbol developed to visually express and suggest the purpose of each brand extension.

1. Keyyes Experience Series — Events-led program that celebrates and introduces the finest products from all over the world. The interpunct—commonly known as the middle dot is often used as a list separator. This alludes to the multitude of different events and products coming together from KEYYES.

2. Keyyes Moments — A weekly newsletter roundup of the KEYYES world. The use of round brackets in the wordmark mirrors the purpose of a newsletter—to compile and categorise varying content.

3. Keyyes Insiders — A supplementary feature on the editorial content with key opinion leaders sharing their insights, recommendations or a list of their favourite things. The use of square brackets functions as a pull quote, and upon closer inspection the brackets have been redrawn to resemble a door ajar; extending an invitation to a myriad of experiences.

4. Keyyes TV — The official YouTube channel. The letters were drawn to mimic lines reminiscent of interlaced lines of a TV screen.

5. Keyyes HiFi — The lowercase dots are replaced by circles which suggests both a speaker cone or a microphone, which emphasises the duality of the playlists. Cover artwork templates were created to increase brand presence on Spotify, Apple Music and respective social media platforms.

KEYYES wordmark & marque designed by Alistair Gibbs

Scope—Creative Direction / Art Direction / Design / Typographer


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