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The A—Z of Azure


CEO Satya Nadella has explained that the biggest hardware business at Microsoft is not the Xbox but their cloud platform, Azure — A future beyond Windows, iOS, and Android. Over the course of nine months overseeing the account, I was tasked to improve design literacy across all B2B communications with fruitful results.

The ‘A-Z of Azure’ is designed to help anyone get their bearings with the world of Azure before they dive deep down into the brand’s offerings. Each alphabet relays across a spectrum of the technical understanding of Azure and how it serves as a great business partner. Instead of traditional long-form videos or e-brochures, we released a series of bite-sized informative animations to illuminate the concept. The executions were supported in no small part by Microsoft’s global icon library. These assets were then deployed on formats such as EDMs, social media platforms, banners, Linkedin lead-generation posts and internal comms across Asia-Pacific.

Simply Unmatched


Organizations have been investing in analytics for years, via dashboards, ad-hoc reporting, advanced visualization. However their data remains siloed, under-utilised and slow to provide insights. Microsoft would like to reinforce Azure’s SQL Database Warehouse as the key to fastest and most secure cloud analytics solution. The stats are extremely convincing, but visually it’s a missed opportunity. So we gave the campaign a fresh spin that arrived in two parts.

We asked existing customers what they believe set the product apart. There was one resounding answer: the lightning speed it enabled them to operate at. We developed display banner assets that reinforces the benefits of switching to or sticking with Azure and concurrently lead users to register for an exclusive webinar. With Azure’s Data Warehouse, it is smarter, faster, safer and simply unmatched.

Microsoft Christmas eDM

Fast Tracks


Microsoft APAC

This gave us the focus of building the second campaign —‘Fast Tracks’. We used Spotify to tune into the audience’s working day and everyday lives and build reactive and contextual messaging that highlights the product’s rapid capabilities. Using the Christmas holidays as a theme, we kicked things off with an entertaining spot based around the festive season, supported by creative banners that drove to product webinars.

More case studies for Microsoft available upon request.

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