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Gallery Insider

Gallery Insider

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National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore


The Gallery Insider is National Gallery Singapore’s membership programme. As a Gallery Insider, they enjoy benefits including unlimited access to exhibitions, priority bookings and discounts on dining, shopping, and ticketed events at the Gallery. The welcoming disposition of the new membership identity is intentionally expressed through a graphic abstraction of a door ajar executed in the letter ‘I’ in ‘Insider’, conjuring a
n inviting door to a myriad of experiences. The wordmark acts as a viewfinder for content showcasing existing images of the institutions’ activities, details of National Gallery’s distinct architecture and private collections.

The Patron’s Programme offers a year-long calendar of networking and behind-the-scenes access for the Gallery’s community of like-minded individuals and corporations who believe that fine art can have a profound impact on people from all walks of life. The new identity takes the form of the shape of a key—monolithic, elegant and purposeful at the same time and represents the Patron as a connector and an enabler in the arts community. The two plinths (derived from the National Gallery identity) serves as the anatomy of the design.

Creative Direction
Brand Positioning

Identity concept & creation


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