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Red Carpet
Articulating a service platform that enable businesses to grow

Red Carpet Identity & Key Visual

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Red Carpet

Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore)

Red Carpet is a platform within Standard Chartered’s multi-purpose programs that connects all Standard Chartered clients with their trusted partners to ensure their big move in Singapore goes smoothly and puts them on a path to growth. They get a head start with specialist advisory, special offers and preferential services. Working closely with their executive team on a brand vision for the platform, a brandmark was eventually designed in the process to bring clarity and recognition.

Besides overseeing the functionality details in the website, they also wanted to a simple and charming way to articulate the merits of the program via an illustrative diagram. Instead of commissioning an illustrator to bring this to life, I took this opportunity to flex my illustration skills.

Creative Direction
Identity concept & creation
Identity application
Website design & asset creation

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