Singled Out




Singled Out

Curated by Ffurious

New Monday—An Artifact

Acrylic, etching, vinyl record & sleeve
(84 cm x 84 cm x 13 cm)

Singled Out is an exhibition featuring 50 vinyl artworks by local artists. Each artist was challenged to transform vinyl records or sleeves into unique pieces of art, based on a song which made a positive impact on the artist’s life. All proceeds from the auction will go towards Thunder Rock School to provide music outreach, education and mentorship to financially disadvantaged youths.

Having rummaged a couple of crates at the Ffurious studio, I managed to locate a post 80’s Soul/R&B single, the cover art was fantastic (but probably a template to house all 12″ single sleeves). But I’ve basically shot myself in the foot with my choice because I could barely bring myself to put a new artwork over it. Then epiphany struck: a sleeve within a sleeve became a visual reference point. And immediately Peter Saville’s iconic sleeve art for New Order’s seminal ‘Blue Monday’ sprung to mind and everything came together quite perfectly. His original artwork enabled me to create an album holder that showcases the used vinyl nicely.

So here it is, in it’s full acrylic glory. An appropriation within an appropriation, and this was never meant to be an original idea to call my own. Thank you once again, Peter Saville.

Credits—Original artwork by Peter Saville

Track: Blue Monday by New Order

New Monday—An Artifact (Sold)
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