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How the Glitch Stole Christmas!
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How the Glitch Stole Christmas!

‘How the Glitch Stole Christmas!’ takes e-greeting cards to another level. We’ve all heard how ‘The Grinch Stole Christmas’, but what about The Glitch? The antihero of the digital world. A cold, heartless, pixelated, furry-recluse living in seclusion on a cliff in Silicon Valley overlooking the cheerful, optimistic, and sunny community of Geekville. He scorns the Christmas season and the boisterous festivities customarily celebrated during the holiday, dreading the commercialism. He is irritated by the joy and happiness of others and derives pleasure from disturbing the peace and spoiling other people’s merriment and goes about devising a plot to sabotage Christmas by glitching all things Christmassy.

We probably thought it was a novel way of debunking the commercialism of sending festive cards to your loved ones. Anyway, we‘re in a satirical mood and this is in the spirit of the season for giving right? Now here’s your opportunity to be part of this, have some fun and share some ‘glitchy-ness’ with your fellow geeks along the way.

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