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The Heritage Partnership
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The Heritage Partnership

The Heritage Partnership

How do you brand a practice firm while maintaining a consistent global voice and brand language with their parent headquarters? The Heritage Partnership is a wealth management practice with more than 30 years of combined financial advisory experience serving affluent, high net worth individuals, trustees and businesses. They are in part a Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management, a UK FTSE 100 company which is one of the largest wealth management companies serving the local and expatriate communities in Asia.

The scope involved aligning the consultancy’s vision, brand strategy, mission and positioning — understanding and shaping internal culture. In addition, creating a new brand persona and identifying key customer personas and their needs.

The identity captures the firm’s 4 unique pillars — Personal, Proactive, Principled and Prosperity. This is held firmly by the letter ‘H’ (Heritage), the monogram doubles itself as a symbol of intelligence and trust. To support the new identity, a new creative direction was developed for the brand’s photographic needs – emphasising natural light, spontaneity and authenticity. Never contrived, or clichéd, the image library embodies a photojournalistic eye to capture pure moments in the lives of people, and their interactions with one another. It is never about the material things or a life driven by an ostentatious lifestyle.

More to be updated.

Creative Direction
Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning

Content Structuring
Identity concept & creation

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