The Residence

The Residence by Cenizaro
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Art Direction & Design

Bonvest Holdings Limited

Qube Studio, Singapore

In a world where luxury is too often used in marketing speak, being tasked with developing the brand position for a hotel group whose DNA has always been to embellish life’s moments, we knew the task ahead of us was going to be a challenge we passionately embraced.

Part of the project included building the hotel chain’s new image library for each of the 4 properties: Maldives, Mauritius, Zanzibar and Tunis. It was during one photo shoot in the Maldives that we caught a unique photo of two models as they cycled back to their villa. Light bathed their backs and the white powder sand in front of them lit up their faces as they joyfully enjoyed their moment. It was only when we had returned to the studio in Singapore and opened the file that we realised this was the image we had all been looking for all along. It was the essence of pure bliss caught in a split second. It’s that place we all go to when we need an escape where moments are enriched. The shot was a happy accident—the sunlit bathed photo lent itself perfectly to become something unique in the hospitality environment.

On the heels of the new global campaign came digital applications, print and on-property collateral culminating in the re-launch of the brand back into the hospitality limelight with stunning results.

Scope—Creative Direction / Art Direction / Design
Photographers: Quentin Berryman & Masano Kawana
Creative Directors: Quentin Berryman & Daniel Koh
Digital Creative Director: Daniel Koh

Copywriters: Quentin Berryman & Daniel Koh

The Residence by Cenizaro

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