Spin: 360°

“There is a feeling that if you compromise, then you abandon all your beliefs and sacrifice the purity of your response, but for me, ‘compromise’ is not necessarily a dirty word. We are living in the real world. We always talk about ‘collaboration’ in the context of a ‘relationship’ – two worn-out words that everybody uses – but which manifest themselves in a tangible way for us. If a client comes back and says, ‘This isn’t quite working for me yet’ then we’re not just going to walk away.

We rarely, if ever, get paid for the actual amount of work that we put into any project. We can’t charge for it, but it just has to be there – the painful, painstaking attention to details that no one but us will ever notice; the paranoid gene that means you are unable to sleep because you are searching for a better solution. Sometimes I wish we could say to a client, ‘I had a terrible night’s sleep last night fretting about your project, so I’m adding it to your bill.’ Be great if we could!”


A very insightful interview with Spin’s Tony Brook and Patricia Finegan. In two exclusive extracts from their new book, they lift the lid on their approach and processes with the work they engage in.

(via Creative Review)
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