Front Row

Artwork contribution

To mark Front Row’s fifth anniversary, the multi-label store launched ‘Almost Everything‘, a book-magazine
that celebrates all that the store has come to be recognised for: fashion, eclecticism, lifestyle, art and design.
They include 5Editors, 5Stylists, 5writers, 5designers, 5graphic designers, 5friends, 5artists, 5photographers,
and 5more things. An eclectic collection of fashion pictorials, interviews, essays, poetry and even recipes
separated into 15 chapters.

About the artwork
As we rapidly enter the digital era be it music, fashion, food, it has inevitability changed the way we consume
information and the way we live our lives. As we slowly migrate back to our own desks & laptops, we can’t help
but observe the proliferation of a physical space (boutiques/shop front) to online blogshops. Does it influence
or affect our purchasing behaviour? And will this shopping idiosyncrasy be reduced to a mere millions of pixels?

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