The Other Britain

Visit The Other Britain
Integrated Campaign

British Tourist Authority

OgilvyOne, Singapore

‘Visit The Other Britain’ challenges the preceptions of Asian youths by giving them the privilleged, insider view of all that is cool, current and exciting in Britain – the stuff that then becomes cool around the world. Anarchic interactive web banners and suitably alternative viral videos bring users to a hijacked version of the Visit Britain site. Highly interactive, it is packed with info and unbiased opinions on Britain, as well as hundreds of links to all things ‘Other’ and also a healthy dose of unbridled British sarcasm.

After a quick trip around The Other Britain, it is glaringly obvious that there is much more to the place than Buckingham Palace and Stonehenge.

Scope—Creative Direction / Art Direction / Design
(Initial pitch proposal co-designed with Xander Lee, Noel Yeo & Reinald Chee)

Viral videos

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