Dual City Sessions: Null

Exhibition artwork

Having exhibited throughout Japan in cities such as Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka and Nagoya.
The first installment of Dual City Sessions marks the first overseas collaboration.
This is the first time they are exhibiting out of Japan and also the first time it involves
foreign artists. For this exhibit, the first of its series, Tokyo-based conceptual unit,
collaborated with artists from Singapore toinitiate a new kind of dialog, one that revolved
around the theme, “to subtract is to add,” or “-=+.”

My version for this piece embarks on a different twist, when we tear down these walls
to replace something new doesn’t employ adding value to it. This arose prior to the debate
whether Pearl Bank apartments should make way for a luxurious property. Pearl Bank
is a national landmark and that makes it priceless.

Curated by SILNT
Exhibition images courtesy of Felix Ng (SILNT).
Featured article in SHIFT Japan.

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